Saint Sebastian Thursday Night Bingo

155 Washington Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Doors open 5 pm. Game starts 6:55 p.m. till 9:30 pm
Handicapped Accessible/ Air- Conditioned
State Licensed and  Regulated


The Games We Play

Game Color Type of Game Prizes
1 Solid Blue
Bonanza-Fill $100
2 Blue Border Double Bingo $50
3 Orange Border Triple Bingo $100
4 Green Border Regular Bingo or 4 Corners $50
5 Green Border Crazy Kite $100
6 Yellow Border Crazy Kite $50
7 Pink Border Little Joe $50
8 Pink Border Crazy “T” $50
9 Solid Yellow Special (Diagonal) $50
10 Solid Yellow Special (LetterX) $100
11 Gray Border 5 Number Bingo $50
12 Gray Border Jail Bars (B,N,O) $100
13 Olive Border Top & Bottom Line
(Wild Numbers)
14 Brown Border Crazy “L” $100
15 Red Border 5 Number Bingo $50
16 Red Border Double Bingo (No Corners) $100
17 Purple Border Telephone Pole
(Wild Number)
18 Black Border Block of Nine $50
19 Solid Green Progressive (Fill the Card in 53#’s or less wins the game prize plus jackpot) $100
20 Aqua Border Regular Bingo (No Corners) $50
21 Aqua Border 2 Postage Stamps $50
22 Aqua Border 4 Postage Stamps $100
23a Solid Orange WTA-Double Bingo TBA
23b Solid Orange WTA- Round Robin TBA
23c Solid Orange WTA-Fill the Card TBA
  1. Number not valid until called.
  2. ‘BINGO’ must be called loudly to stop the game.  If no error is found, game will end when the caller closes the game and the balls are dropped.
  3. An ADMISSION TICKET must be displayed for the entire session.
  4. Bingo Packages MAY NOT be shared.
  5. Players are responsible for playing on the proper colored cards. NO payoffs will be made for bingos on the wrong color.
  6. Dabber or crayons must be used for all cards.
  7. Cards which are torn or mutilated will not be honored.
  8. Please do not glue or tape cards to tables.
  9. No admission after the start of game #5 unless cards are purchased in advance before 6:55 PM.
  10. To reserve a seat, packet must be purchased and admission ticket displayed.
  11. Bingo will be canceled if at 7:00 PM. there are LESS than 60 bingo players in the hall.
  12. As of April 6, 2006, we will NO LONGER be able to make change of $100.00 bills. NO EXCEPTIONS.